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The Life Transformation Audio File

by JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn

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This track is based on a 25 minute session I used to give in person when I lived in California. I would place my hands at different prescribed places on the body, and speak the words over and over at that area of the body. Then move on after five minutes to the next area. When I recorded this I intended that the music that I played live while I spoke the words into a voice synthesizer would substitute for my physical presence. This track has gone all over the world since 1993. I used to sell it for $75 on CD as it was a replacement for the live session with me. Enjoy, it is my pleasure to share this.

The Life Transformation Audio File was first published in 1993. After all these years I personally continue to use this innovative and life improving audio file. It steadily builds new potent fundamental belief and body program structures for personal transformation in all areas of life. The messages are uniquely formulated and delivered to give you a deep power for changing your life to be more comfortable, happy, successful, and to achieve whatever goals and dreams that you personally have. The overall effect is balancing and relaxing. There are no subliminal messages.


Hello! My name is JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn. This audio helps you change the life you have now into the life you imagine is better. Today I present to you a system of superfunctional programs on one audio track, designed with innovative sound, words, and musical effects, to help you materialize what you want in all 12 areas of your life.

The extremely positive messages are transmitted to your body and mind via innovative sound techniques.

Your whole life is connected to your body. Your mind, your spirit, your thoughts and feelings, they are all linked to your body programs. This audio file is a super-powerful relaxation and reprogramming recording that contains six life transforming programs for you.

Your life can start to improve in seemingly miraculous ways as you relax and listen to the programs as they are spoken by my voice.

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn is an innovative force in the esoteric science of body programming and reprogramming. He holds a university level degree in psychology and a masters degree equivalency training program in healing communication. JoreJj feels his development of the ClearTalk technology for personal transformation was his self-directed PhD equivalency but no school gave that to him. He has studied everything from human biology, to psychology, to religion, in order to be able to bring you this work. This CD is a condensation of all that he has learned, compiled into 25 life changing minutes of deep relaxation. Most importantly of all, the programs themselves meaning the word formulas and their effectiveness are of the finest quality, for your maximum pleasure, enjoyment, and satisfaction with the product.

The spoken words and special musical sounds wash over you and through you. Your body cannot help but relax and re-align to the success and excellence programs in the audio file. The relaxation is achieved through a form of energization which is unique.

You will enjoy feeling relaxation while you listen and much more.

This is not a subliminal audio. It is based on a live session that I actually gave in person to many clients. The special music and sound effects that I played live in the recording studio are designed to replace my physical presence at the session and to help the words enter your body system programs. So you know what is going in.

As you use the product your body automatically is more and more aligned with the sophisticated life transforming programs that are on the audio file. Your life improves automatically based on the new programs.

There are many other benefits which you can enjoy because you listen to this unique audio recording, including:

· Relaxation, stress reduction.

· Enjoy the sensation of a super intelligent loving energy as it pours love into your body.

· You begin to notice all kinds of good things just start showing up in your life, as if by magic. (But it is not magic, it is the science of the body!)

· Draw the right people to you in your life, and gently release those who no longer benefit you-automatically.

· Relaxation and harmonious integration of body, mind, and spirit, while you rest.

· Greatly helps you to assimilate the work that is done by the other products that you use for personal improvement. A vital component of our life transformation system..

· Speak your feelings with more comfort, safety, and clarity.

· Automatically take the steps to success, without even thinking about it.

Best of all, these benefits and many more are automatic. You do not have to do anything at all, except listen to the audio. After that I expect you would find it easier to take the steps to have a better life, as the ideas and actions would come up for you more naturally then ever before. You can download the complete audio file immediately, and you have my permission to burn it to CD.


Some things people have written me after listening to this audio:

"The most incredible affirmation ever, ever. It's beyond this world."

"It reminded me of being on a ride in Disneyland as a child. Your words and voice and the sounds and music took me on a fun and amazing inner ride."

"I am quite delighted with this audio JoreJj, and am very impressed, I have listened to, and currently use hypnosis cds from a top notch hypnotist who works also with NLP/Richard Bandler; and another by a physician for sound health/wealth who has a background in quantum physics. Both are excellent, however yours is in a league all of it's own! JoreJj, I got the audio file in today and heard it for the first time. I went to sleep, woke up an hour later and I don't think I have been that deep asleep for a long long time. Thank you for this recording."

"I received the Life Transformation cd last friday and it is really powerful. I listen to it every night it makes me feel very relaxed."
M. (Netherland Antilles)

"One of my most favorite products in the whole world is the Life Transformation audio file. From the very first time I listened to it I felt a change in my body like no other relaxation or affirmation recording. I can feel my body relax on its own with out any concentration or special focus, the words spoken by JoreJj move through me in such a way that I can feel myself change without any effort.

My heart and mind simply let go and the musical sounds and effects of the words put me in a state of calm and assurance that lets me know I am going to be all right. And more importantly, I can feel the six affirmations changing the way I think and act to better my life. It is not just positive thinking, I can feel my mind, body and heart join together to make changes necessary in me to change my life. JoreJj conveys a feeling of love that makes me feel secure, more confident and relaxed with a new inner strength.

I have been listening to this audio track for a couple years and when I get tense I can feel my subconscious feed my mind the affirmations. I feel the truth and love being fed for my success which is now programmed in me from listening to the Life Transformation audio file. My life has changed because of this audio file, it is practical, it works and the wonderful quiet calmness I receive from it is there for me when I need it. "

"I am amazed at how RELAXED I was!! (tried the audio last night for the first time)."

"I experienced energy moving through all the meridians in my body. Potent. Powerful. Transformative."

"I did listen to your audio file and found it really manipulated the energy in my system---it was pretty cool--i really enjoyed it."

"The first time I listened to it (in the daytime), I slept throughout that night."

"I listen to your Life Transformation audio everyday for a couple of times. WOW, it's like a gigantic boost of energy is coming out of my computer. I turn the volume high and I feel the energy is coming in my body like a thunderstorm! "

"Your positive affirmation CD is pure magic and inspiration, I drift off to your voice."

"I wanted to tell you that I'm really loving your life transformation audio file and I listen to it both for relaxation and recharging. Thanks!"

"I listened to your Transform mp3 on my Windows 7 Mobile and was amazed at its quality since it makes the best use of binaural beats that I have ever heard."

"In every corner of life we need more of those statements as You utter them to keep high vibrations throughout our lives."

I've been using the transformation audio for a couple of weeks....absolutely love it! Thank you!
D. P.

"Namaste JoreJj,
During the positive affirmation audio I felt a strong energetic/pranic sensation moving around my head, and then further into it I had an Aha experience that my innermost cells were listening to the commands."

"From the first night I did it my breathing improved it's more comfortable and deep."

"I downloaded your transformation (positive affirmation) audio and I am impressed with the amount of energy that went through my body. I feel relaxed, and whole. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us! "

"I downloaded and burned a CD of the Life Transformation Audio, which I played last night several times which seemed to already transform my dreams and I actually woke up at 4am feeling some silence, peace and positive thought-energy which is quite antithetical to what I usually experience when I awake at 4am which is usually tremendous fear, loss, confused negative thoughts, anger-frustration,etc. thank you!"

"About the audio....
It is really great. The relaxation surely is physical, but I discovered that it is even more mental. I mean that it took a great deal of aggression out of me. With this new state of mind I have visibly created a more enjoyable atmosphere. And I believe that it's due to the audio. The part I enjoy the most is the second part "With all my psychic might....". The background sounds really seem to penetrate your brain. It is tangible. Very powerful! More powerful than all the other sublimal tapes I have ever heard. And I guess that regular exposure will create new neuro-pathways in the brain, making it permanent. Great! I repeat it as often as possible, because I want this to happen. I'm glad to know you. Be Blessed."

"I imagined writing to you about an experience
that I had today while listening to your Life Trans- formation audio. JoreJj, whenever I listen to it, I fall asleep. So, I am not quite sure if what I heard today is part of the script or not.
Anyway, I thought I was dreaming, And in the dream,I was feeling like some dark energy had taken a hold of me from the solar plexus down. So, I became aware of it and asked myself "how can I release it?" And I was prompted to release it through my soles. So I ordered the energy out through my feet but something said it was not enough that I should will for it to go to the center of Mother Earth. So I did that and the energy completely obeyed me and I felt a heaviness as it was leaving my body and once it all went through to the center of the Earth, I felt really light, relieved, and grateful towards Mother Earth for taking our crap to help us heal ourselves and then I kind of woke up and realized I was listening to the Transform audio."



Here are the exact words as they are spoken on the 25 minute audio file:

I mentally place your body in a bubble of energy that is charged with a subtle energy that is programmed to empower you and to help you to achieve in valuable ways like you never have before.

With all my psychic might I energize your brain to wash away like a waterfall all clouded thinking. My psychic powers are straightening out twisted logic, and causing you to see and know clearly. I energize your brain with brilliant energies, so you can sense what you need to know.

I make your every footstep, have powerful impact on your life. Your every action achieves great progress. I see you complete all priority tasks efficiently and glow with the energy of satisfaction.

I charge you with the power to express your feelings with words of power and moving impact and to skillfully assert your position effectively in all personal relationships. I charge you with the power to end all ties that do not profit you now, in such a manner as to bring out your most effective best.

I charge you with the power to succeed. I charge you with the power to achieve. I charge you with the electrical energy to succeed. I charge you with the electrical power to influence others favorably. I charge you with the power to tangibly succeed.

I attune the nerves of your body to success patterns. I charge you with the power to break through all limitations. I fill you with an energy to make superior decisions and to dissolve all obstacles.

Copyright 1993 JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


released January 1, 1993
lyrics spoken by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn, sounds and music performed by: JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


all rights reserved



Elprehzleinn Montreal, Québec

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn has a lifelong fascination and training in inner development for outer success. In other words his passion and work has centered around applying spiritual technologies to practical application for everyday life.

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