Ultra Money Manifesting

by Elprehzleinn

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Having worked with mantras for manifesting money for quite some time I put together a combination of mantra in my own voice that I feel is an ultimate spiritual money manifesting tool based on various principles and ideas and vibrations and mysticism and more.

This set of mantras used all together is for manifesting all sorts of wonderful money successes of various kinds that are right for you.

How to use it. You can learn the mantras and repeat them yourself doing 108 or more rounds of the mantra each day.

That is the traditional way of working with a mantra.

However I have found that in mantra practice achieving the 125,000 repetition Siddha mastery level where the benefits are expected to be ULTRA is going to take about two hours of steady mantra work per day for about 6 months.

As an alternative to that, I suggest you get a device that can play this file and download it and loop it. For example I have an old laptop in my kitchen and I put the audio on there and let it loop 24 hours a day. In about 4-5 days you achieve 12,500 repetitions which should definitely show you how this works by then if you did so.

And then if you keep it playing in about 44 days of 24 hours a day the Siddha level would be accomplished. It can be on extremely low volume or even put the sound through headphones into a crystal or something where it's virtually inaudible in the room yet still "broadcasting" spiritually and you are still "doing" the mantra.

Mantras are totally mystical. They are totally magical. These mantras are based on ancient texts that you can find out more about through my site, UltraMoneyManifesting.com if you want.

However just go ahead and try this mantra I think most people will get results that they approve of.

VIDEO: There is another way you can work with this through the video here on my YouTube channel: youtu.be/oKY34RvWuEA?list=PL0D45F6871CB3824C

That video is the same set of mantras that are in the audio here on this page. You can put that video on repeat using listenonrepeat.com and in three hours of watching it attain mantra siddhi. It has the additional benefits of the Sri Yantra embedded. It might sound crazy to watch that video on loop for three hours but it probably would produce an effect for you anybody who does that is vary favorable, in alignment with the intentions of those mantras which is great fortune and wealth by positive means with excellent luck. An effect worth the effort made.

Also on my website I have a page dedicated to the matter of generating Prosperity here: Elprehzleinn.ca/site-map/prosperity


Regarding the idea of paying for this.

I think that either the base price of $7 or whatever more you choose to contribute is a way of energizing the practice and saying yes that you want this to work and have some measure of faith that it will. I feel very strongly that it will work and in wonderful ways. Putting some money into it seems to me to make sense as a way of saying YES you want it to work A LOT for you and any doubts and other resistance you are willing to let the mantra erase for you as you would rather have more money than the resistance to it.

Peace, Love, Joy, Fun, Success

by the way, I put a lot of time and effort into testing and developing this type of way of "Spiritually Generating Money" before I put this together and offered it here.


Aum Shreem Kleem Brzee
Aum Hreeng Greeng Hreeng
Aum Hreem Hreem Ayeim Shreem Shreem Aum


released April 9, 2015
JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn


all rights reserved



Elprehzleinn Montreal, Québec

JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn has a lifelong fascination and training in inner development for outer success. In other words his passion and work has centered around applying spiritual technologies to practical application for everyday life.

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